Guitar Humidor Humidair Adjustable Humidifier
  • Guitar Humidor Humidair Adjustable Guitar Case Humidifier
  • Guitar Humidor Humidair Adjustable Guitar Case Humidifier
  • Guitar Humidor Humidair Adjustable Guitar Case Humidifier
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Humidair™ Humidifier

Humidair™ humidifier, the best guitar case humidifier available.

Our Humidair humidifier was designed for our cases however it is quite popular for use in travel cases.

The Humidair humidifier is now protecting some of the finest guitars made. Owners of guitars from custom luthiers such as Linda Manzer, Jim Olson, James Goodall, Bill Asher, Kenny Hill, and Scott Lennard turn to the Humidair humidifier for protection of their treasured instruments. The Humidair is also protecting many highly collectable guitars from Martin, Santa Cruz, Taylor,and Breedlove, Fender, Gibson, and PRS.

What sets the Humidair humidifier apart from other humidifiers is the variable setting. Other case humidifiers do not adjust; meaning the amount of surface area available to release moisture is fixed to what the manufacturer has considered to work best under average conditions. However, if you live in an arid climate or a cold weather state, or just experiencing cold or dry weather, you are not in average conditions, and this is when your instrument needs humidification to prevent damage. Also if you use your instrument frequently, you will need more than average humdity replacement to make up for lost humidity in the case.

For these reasons, we have designed our humidifier with an adjustable aperature (opening) which varies the amount of surface area exposed and allows you to determine the rate of release of moisture. Our humidifier can provide superior results in varying conditions. Just set it for what conditions require.

The humidifier is fully rechargeable with distilled water; no solutions or refills to buy, uses crosslinked polymer crystals that will last years, are far better than sponges and will not drip. Holds more than other available units on the market, giving you a much longer time between refills. Unit dimensions are approximately 3.8"x 2“x 1.8".


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