What's New

The demand for our beautiful cases continues to grow each year. Last year we experienced another year of significant growth. Building our cases is similar to building a guitar, a process that requires skill and patience. To accommodate growth we have added additional tools, jigs and fixtures to help increase the number of handcrafted cases we can produce without taking shortcuts or sacrificing quality. We are committed to continue building the highest quality cases in the industry.

Our Quality Results in High Reorder Rate

Over 35% of our customers return to order another case! We consider this the very best product testimonial. We also receive great feedback from Guitar Humidor owners; check out our testimonials   page for more examples of feedback we receive from our customers.

"Your work is exquisite! You clearly are a perfectionist and your work transcends craftsmanship and crosses the line to the category of "art"! I will be buying another case soon!"— JP, Los Angeles,CA.

"My offer has been accepted on the (new)guitar! I will call early next week to order my 3rd case, the cleaner/polish, and the TRACEABLE® DIGITAL HYGROMETER."— Ken Hobbs, Lititz,PA.

We are excited to bring to the guitar community the best made and most complete line of protective in home cases. Although we do not know all of the guitars that end up in our cases, we do know that guitars by famous luthiers Kevin Ryan, Linda Manzer, Jim Olson, James Goodall, Bill Asher, Kenny Hill, Steve Grimes, John D'Angelico find homes in our Guitar Humidor cases as well as highly collectable guitars from Bourgeois, Martin, Santa Cruz, Taylor, Breedlove, Laravee. Perhaps you have an instrument that merits protection as well? Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

"I had high expectations for this case, based on the information and photos on the web site. My expectations were exceeded! It is not only beautiful and functional, but the design, fit, and finish all showcase exceptional craftsmanship that one rarely sees anymore. This is a very special piece, truly a work of art!"— Bill W, Scottsdale,AZ.

Leaders in craftsmanship and design

We continue to be the only maker of in home cases to bend wood and offer a curved case. This process is similar to building a fine guitar. we offer our curved cases in walnut, cherry, maple or if you order custom: almost any exotic or premium figured woods. We also are the only craftsmen to offer the unique ability to order a case that is switchable from floor standing to wall mount at your discretion and with no changes need to be done to the case by the owner to do so,thus giving the owner the most flexibility possible. We do this by installing two small brackets on the back of the case giving you the ability to have a floor standing case and a wall mount both! It has been extraordinarily well received. Here is what one customer had to say about this feature:

"The cases are gorgeous. This really is how some guitars should be stored at home or in a studio environment. I am very impressed with the build and finish all the way around..... Mounting is easy and well thought out as is the stand alone method. The combo ability of my cases to wall mount or free stand is perfect. I'd recommend you make that standard. I am using the cases both ways right now. I literally get to play these guitars now because they are out and in plain view and easily accessible. I really underestimated that effect."--Ruston Vickers.

Bending wood is an artform in itself and our Mahanay Series curved cases represent our most popular model. We continue to offer other unique features- the hygrometer (humidity gauge) that is visible without having to open the case, allowing the owner to "at a glance" assess the environment surrounding his guitar, and the fully lined interiors. Our lighting is not battery operated, as we have found battery operated lights dim after a very short time and not up to our standards. Our lighting option uses multiple wide arc 50,000 hour LED's and an AC/DC converter and a plug in jack in the back of the case. A dimmer is available for extra control of the lighting.

We enjoy working with customers and the feedback we receive. Last year approximately 20% of our orders were for custom woods and custom cases.Two of our more popular custom woods are South American Rosewood, and the heavily patterned Birdseye Maple! Let us know if we can build something for you!

As before we will donate 10% of our profits to charities and hope to continue to do so each year!


"There are many things to love about the Guitar Humidor from the Superior craftsmanship of the wood to the luxurious interior. Each case is a work of art in its own right and for the true guitar afficionado it offers protection along with dazzling illumination through the installation of soft lighting in the plush interior. The Guitar Humidor is the only safe way to have my prized guitar on display in my home while being protected from the elements at the same time. Plus, I love how accessible my guitar is for playing at a moments notice." --Patti and Scott Lennard