Guitar Humidor Mahanay SB Guitar Display Case for Electric Guitars
  • Guitar Humidor Mahanay SB Guitar Display Case
  • Guitar Humidor Mahanay SB Guitar Display Case
  • Guitar Humidor Mahanay SB Guitar Case Closeup
  • Guitar Humidor Mahanay SB Guitar Display Case Closeup
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For Solid Body Electric Guitars

The Mahanay SB cases are designed for solid body electric guitars and will fit most Stratocasters, Telecasters, PRS custom 22/24 style bodies and Gibson Les Pauls. These cases are a wonderful piece of furniture, keeping your instrument visible and accessible to you at any time. Place this case in your office, music room or living room—unique inclined design and small floor footprint allow you to place the case wherever you want. With our custom humidification, you will appreciate the ability to protect your guitar while keeping it on display.

The interior is fully lined with crushed velvet fabric over foam and designed to accommodate the popular solid body style guitars. Call us directly to determine if your guitar will fit in this case. Each case has our gorgeous hardwood finish, fully framed door with solid brass hardware, and integrated Humidair humidifier. You may also add lighting to highlight your instrument.

Interested in Mahanay SB Wall Mount? Check out our Wall Mount section. Guitar Humidor, LLC is the proud maker of this case, entirely handcrafted in the USA. Expect approximately 10-12 weeks to build to your specifications and ship.

Exterior Dimensions
19.25 W x 45 H x 7 D inches

19.5 W x 16.5 D inches

$1,995    Base Price

You will be able to review your case configuration and price before adding to your cart.

Unique features

  • Gorgeous hardwood finish in walnut, cherry or maple
  • Fully lined interior. Interior side cushion protects your instrument from bumping the sides of the case.
  • Choice of Royal Blue, Burgundy, Black, Gold/Camel or Hunter Green crushed velvet interior
  • Fully framed glass door and a perimeter lining that helps control humidity.
  • Solid brass hinges
  • Rare earth magnets secure the door
  • Custom adjustable Humidifier allows you to adjust the humidity supplied to the case
  • Designed with a fixed incline that allows the guitar to rest back into the case

INSTALLATION OPTIONS (must be installed at time of order)

  • Professionally installed lighting using three wide arc 50,000 hour LEDs, powered by a supplied AC/DC converter and a power plug installed in the back of the case.
  • Analog or digital hygrometer: Installed Hygrometer legible from the front of the case, continually showing the relative humidity around your guitar.