Case Comparison Chart

Cases Mahanay Custom Mahanay AHB Mahanay SB Gem Case
  Base Price $2,750 $1,995 $1,995 $1,399
  Shape Curved Curved Curved Faceted
  Interior depth 5 5/8" with door 5 5/8" with door 3 1/4" body 6"
  Hard wood finish You select Cherry or Walnut Cherry or Walnut Cherry or Walnut
  Door style Framed Framed Framed Framed
  Padded interior Yes Overstuffed Overstuffed Yes
  Humidair Humidifier Yes, option for second Yes, option for second Yes Yes
  Installed Hygrometer Optional Optional Optional Optional
  Fits most acoustic Dreadnaught, 000, 00, OM, and Classical body styles* Yes* Yes* No Yes*
  Fits PRS CU22/24, PRS Santana, Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster, and Telecaster Body Styles Yes With optional velvet cushions Yes Yes with solid
body option
  Full perimeter lip at door Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Inlay available Yes No No No
  Custom Woods such as Curly Maple, Spruce, Cedar Rosewood Yes No No No
    * Sizes refer to Martin guitar sizes for these body styles. Call us regarding your guitar
   to be certain of fit. Our cases will not fit 12 string guitars or jumbo guitars.