Customer Testimonials

Guitar Humidor LLC is lucky to have satisfied customers share their excitement upon receiving their cases. We are thrilled to share these testimonials as evidence of our care from construction to delivery. In fact, over 35% of our customers purchase more than one case; the highest testimonial a customer can give! You will find our products across the United States and Canada and protecting the finest custom and collectable guitars made.

The cases are gorgeous! This really is how some guitars should be stored at home or in a studio environment. I am very impressed with the build and finish all the way around....I literally get to play these guitars now because they are out and in plain view and easily accessible. I really underestimated that effect! I'll be sharing my love for these cases any chance I can. I'll also be ordering more. Well Done!
— Ruston Vickers, Austin, Texas

Your work is exquisite! You clearly are a perfectionist and your work transcends craftsmanship and crosses the line to the category of "art"! I will be buying another case soon!
— JP, Los Angeles,CA

Wow! The case is stunningly beautiful, gives my priceless guitar the respect it deserves, while protecting it and showing it off, too. I LOVE my case! I'm going to order another!
- Dr. Joe Vitale, bestselling author, musician, and star in the hit movie The Secret.

Beyond gorgeous!
— Tim C Johnson,CA

The case arrived yesterday. It's beautiful! More importantly, my wife was blown away by it. She's now rearranging all the furniture in my study to showcase it! Thanks!
— Charles Pengilly,Missoula,Mt

Three Months have passed since my Guitar Humidor was delivered..I wanted to experience this in my home for a while before giving you feedback... I love this thing!! I think it is truly a very beautiful yet functional piece of art that sits in our living room. It is very well put together and I trust it will last generations. Your Guitar Humidor is is everything I was looking for. Thank you again, pleasure doing business with you!
— Rick Kurtzweil, Greenville, Wi

The case is even more beautiful in person! Thanks again for everything! The case is an abousolute work of art! I couldn"t be happier! Your professionlism and attention to detail thoughout the entire process was much appreciated. I can"t wait until I get my Grimes Hapa guitar and put it in its rightful home!! I may very be ordering a second case. Your friend and client-
— Tim Mulgrew, Alberta, Canada

I have to say the case is absolutely beautiful! The first thing my wife said after we took the case out of the box is " You should order another one!" The case is a work of art!
— Alan Shienbaum ,Bala Cynwyd, PA

Hooray! My hubby just called. He says its beautiful! Very fine craftsmenship! His guitar looks great in it. Many thanks!!
— Jeanette W,Scottsdale, AZ

It arrived today. It looks fantastic and the D45 fits perfectly! I'll be recommending you to my guitar playing friends!
— Jim S, Lexington, Ma

Hi Kevin. You built a beautiful display case for my Manzer guitar. I just bought a baritone by her and would lover another (case) just like the one you made, game to make another?
— Dr. Joe Vitale, upon ordering his second case.

Now that I have had my guitar-case functioning for 3.5 months I will give you feedback regarding its performance: The effect that this continuous humidity has been nothing short of amazing! The guitar-neck has gradually absorbed this moisture over 2-3 months..... so now the frets do not protrude that small-amount from the side of the neck.....completely smooth when you run your fingers down the side of the neck. The body absorbed the humidity quite quickly .... 7 - 10 days with noticeable changes in its ability to hold its-tune. Feel-free to use me as a reference anytime. I have nothing but-good to say about your product and it's performance. Visitors to my home love the look of the cabinet and think it is a worthy addition to any home..... adding a classy-look to an already beautiful instrument !!
— Indy J, Calgary, Canada

I have another very collectible guitar coming and will want another case.....Got it! It's Gorgeous!!
— Dr. Joe Vitale upon receiving his third case

I love my cases! I get many compliments on them, I have also referred several people to you. I hope I can help you get some more clients!
— Marc Sandroff, Tucson, AZ

Kevin, I want to let you know that I am thrilled with my the guitar case—it is really special. The craftsmanship is extraordinary not only in appearance but in functionality which maintains my guitar (the humidity stays exactly at 50 which I have noticed I rarely have to re-tune the guitar). The case was a surprise gift from my wife to mark my 50th birthday which makes it extra special.
— Mark Hauser, Illinois

It's Great! Thanks!
— Barney Bushore,Newton, Ia

Received the case in excellent condition. You did a great job of packaging. I love the case!!! I have to take it home (its at the office now) and put my Breedlove into its new Home… Thanks!!!!
— AK, Hawaii

You did an awesome job on it! Can't wait for my friends to see it. Thanks for all the hardwork and time. You do good work!
— Roger Holtz, Whitehouse, OH

It's here and I think it is absoulutely beautiful! I can't wait for my husband to get home. I know he will LOVE it! You are a great craftsman ( and also a great packer)!
— Lori Walters, Durango,Co

My Husband LOVES the case and has thanked me many times for it. It is so great to give him somthing he really likes!
— Lori Walters, Durango, Co

The case is extraordinarily lighted! WOW, it adds so much more to the case and guitar to have those soft lights going! We had some people up this weekend and they really loved the case.
— Patti Lennard, Montana

OMG! I got the case today! It is so beautiful. I love it!!!!!! Safe and sound and with no damage. I put my Martin HD28 in it until my beautiful Montrose comes!!!!!!! It is at 50% humidity right now. It is very dry in New Mexico SW corner! Always! VERY! DRY!!! Thank you so much for the care and dedication to quality. Awesome! I will send you a picture of it when the guitar arrives!
— Pam Gray, New Mexico

The case arrived safely and my guitar looks great in it! The hygrometer is being calibrated right now. It's hard to not leave the guitar in it. Very excited. Great job!
— Ron Burton,Riverside,CA

I just received my new humidor yesterday and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. It is absolutely beautiful! Everything about it is perfect. Your attention to detail is clearly evident in every aspect of the humidor and I couldn't have selected a better home for my instrument. I appreciate how professionally you handle your business and it was a pleasure working with you on this. I will, most likely, be ordering another one in the near future and I will certainly recommend you to everyone I know who could use this fantastic product. Thank you again!
— Andrew Feiler,Las Vegas,NV

Kevin—the case is great! It arrived as scheduled with no problem. The care you took to pack it was obvious! We got the humidity up right away with no problem. My Martin is very happy. Thanks for the extra humidifier also. I am very pleased with the case and your attention to detail.  Again thank you!
— JK, Maine

I think what you are offering is one of the coolest things I have ever seen for any guitar.
— Sam Ash, New York

The case arrived this afternoon and it is beautiful! The workmanship is excellent and makes an impressive and interesting addition to the room. Many thanks for your attention to detail!
— George Sendon,Missoula,MT

I think the strongest endorsement I can make is that after seeing and using the first case... I would like to order a second case. I would like the same setup of humidifier and meter as the first case!
— TL, Canada

I love my Guitar Humidor! Pretty impressive. I will be showing a lot of musicians this!
— Tim Borth,IL

Just opened it, it looks great! My guitar didn't come as well packed! Thank you, I really appreciate good workmanship!
— Ken Hobbs, Lititz,PA

Wow! It took 20 exciting minutes to unpack. It is a beautiful addition to the living room and the guitar stands out very well. Thanks so much for your hard work!
— AM, Massachusetts

It arrived today safe and sound.VERY beautiful! I especially like the inlay on the top!
— Matthew Patrick,Key West, FL

I got my humidor all set up and it looks awesome!!
— William Marine, Patterson,LA

I had high expectations for this case, based on the information and photos on the web site. My expectations were exceeded! It is not only beautiful and functional, but the design, fit, and finsish all showcase exceptional craftsmanship that one rarely sees anymore. This is a very special piece, truly a work of art!
— Bill W, Scottsdale,AZ

My offer has been accepted on the (new)guitar! I will call early next week to order my 3rd case, the cleaner/polish, and the TRACEABLE® DIGITAL HYGROMETER.
— Ken Hobbs, Lititz,PA