Ordering information

Accessories may be ordered as you would with any website, simply place into cart and when you are ready to checkout your order will be processed via Google Checkout service.

All Guitar Humidor Cases are built to your customized choices of wood, interior color,etc. Guitar Humidor allows you to custom configure your case on-line. Just begin the configuration process by clicking on the Purchase/Configure Case button on the individual product page.You will then enter the configuration process and can build your case with the wood, interior, lighting and other options you desire. You will see the pricing as you proceed and will be able to get comfortable with your order before adding to your cart. If you do not wish to order at that time just close the page or go back to another page of the web site. Shipping and handling charges will be calculated once you have placed your order in the cart.

Before ordering please review our size chart. Additionally it is advisable to measure your guitar and call or email us with this information so we can verify fit prior to purchase. Our relationship with guitar retailers usually gives us access to many guitar body styles and in complex cases we might be able to physically try a particular guitar in the case to confirm fit. Here is the information you should have when contacting us:

  • Total length
  • Body length
  • Lower bout width
  • Waist
  • Upper bout width
  • Maximum thickness of the body: Place your guitar on a flat surface such as table or floor. Measure from the flat surface to the highest point the guitar rises off the table. Let us know what this distance is and where it was on the guitar. For most guitars it will be the body of the guitar. However, on some guitars the headstock leans back severely and this requires a deeper case to properly hold the instrument.

We use Google Checkout services honoring most major credit cards.

We do ship internationally. Please send us an email with your shipping zone, or postal code and include information on your instrument and we will provide you with an estimate of shipping costs.

Kevin mahanay, founder

Telephone 847 382 8656