Why Guitar Humidor?

What guitars will fit the case?
Will I be able to put my other guitars in the case?

Our standard interiors fit a wide variety of guitars from 00, classical, 000, OM, parlour, auditorium, dreadnaughts, etc. It is very likely the case you buy will fit most of your instruments. Of course, a custom interior can be ordered to fit a specific or special guitar.

Why do you ask for dimensions?

We do this so that we may catch fit issues. Sometimes customers forget unusual aspects about their guitars, for example, the Martin Elvis Presley model comes with an leather jacket around the body and is an example of a guitar that would need a special interior.

Can I order a case without providing dimensions?


How effective are Guitar Humidor cases?

Most people will find their case will provide a stable environment for 2-4 months. In fact, one customer from Arizona with a Mahanay AHB case called worried his hygrometer was not working because it had not changed its reading at all over several weeks. Turns out his hygrometer was working fine, his case was just that stable! Please check out our customer testimonials regarding results.

What steps do you take to help create and retain humidity?

All of our cases are exceedingly well made. Each case has several layers of finish outside and a special product is used to seal the inside of the case to help prevent any loss of humidity. The clear panel insert and the power jack for the lights are also carefully sealed. All Mahanay cases have a designed barrier at the door that looks good, works well and results in great reviews by our customers. However, for many owners, these steps will not be nearly as important as the Recovery Capacity of the case.

What is the Recovery Capacity and why is it important?

Recovery Capacity is the ability of the case to quickly replace lost humidity. Far more humidity is lost through opening the case than escapes through the case. We estimate that each time the guitar is taken out of the case, the case loses more humidity than if sitting 4-6 weeks without being opened. The ability to replace the humidity inside the case is the critical factor for owners that use the guitar.

If you play your instrument frequently, you need a case that can keep up with you. We designed the Humidair humidifier because it provides quick recovery to help keep the instrument safe. It has an adjustable aperture so that when you are using the instrument often it can be adjusted to release more moisture, providing quicker recovery.

Your humidifier is placed near the middle of the case above the guitar body, why?

The central location of the humidifier provides even distribution of moisture in the case. Our design allows the humid air to flow around the guitar body which is the most important part of the guitar to humidify. The humidifier location is even more important if you play the guitar often, as the case has less time to stabilize and equalize the humidity inside the case.

There are a lot of display cases on the market, aren't they the same as yours?

Most guitar display cases were not designed for guitar protection. They do not have close fitting doors, tight joints and specially sealed surfaces. Because of this, adding a humidifier to a display case will not be effective.

Are there other important points to consider?

Look for detail pictures of key construction points such as the inside of the case, the edges and joints. This allows you to evaluate the quality of workmanship. Is the case lined? If they are using rubber gaskets they may be making up for the poor fit of parts.

What feedback do you get from your customers?

Entering our 4th year, we are the first to design and manufacture cases to protect your guitar in the home. Others are now copying our concept,but have yet to achieve the quality and elegance of our product. We have an extremely satisfied customer base; with over 35% of our customers ordering a second case, including reorders from harsh environments such as arid Arizona, and in very cold climates such as Canada !